Trent Ford (trent_ford) wrote,
Trent Ford

So the premiere for "How To Deal" went pretty well. It was a lot bigger than the other premiere's I have been to. Well, I mean, those other ones were just for the small independant films that I've done overseas and what-not. But I'm not complaining.. I rather liked everyone screaming my name as I exited the limo that night. One girl actually came charging at me and the security had to hold her back and escort her away from the theater. -shakes head- That was probably my first experieance like that. But.. it's something that I could get used to.

The after party was awesome. I was upset that Mandy couldn't stay for pretty much all of it, but I don't blame her. She had to do so many things today and then tomorrow also. She needed rest. I guess I take the fact that I'm not that well known for granted. I mean, I partied that night. I realized that I may have had alittle too much to drink when I tried stealing the cardboard picture of the "Seventeen" magazine with Mandy on the cover.


But I mean, come on... wouldn't you want that to take home and put on your wall? -laughs-

Then I do believe that I was still alittle under the influence of the alcohol when I got back to my hotel room. I said some things to a certain someone... and maybe I should't have. I mean, I'm not trying to say that what I told them wasn't true.. not at all. I just feel that things would have been better off if I kept my mouth shut. I just don't want to cause any drama for anyone. I don't know how many times I can say that. I'm not a drama kind of person.. and I don't want people disliking me.

But oh well.. it was all said and I can't really change anything about it. I just hope something gets worked out that everyone involved can be happy. I just want everyone happy.

Why am I watching "Powerpuff Girls" @ 4 AM?
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