Trent Ford (trent_ford) wrote,
Trent Ford

So I guess the thing to do is introduce yourself in your own journal.

I'm Trent Ford.. I'm an actor/model. Well, it was one of those model turned actor type deals. I'm more into acting now though. My most resent role is "Macon" in the movie "How To Deal" with the beautiful Mandy Moore and Allison Janney.

I'm 24... I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and attended high school in 18 different cities. Although I was raised in England and graduated from Cambridge University this year. I was actually shoting three films, "Deeply" with Kirsten Dunst, "Gosford Park" and ""Slap Her, She's French", while at the University. But I had to hide this from administrators because I could have been expelled. See, it pays to be an actor sometimes.

Trust in Trent
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